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With nearly 40 years of marketing experience, Vince Duran is the trusted name in Pizza Box Advertising or Door Hanger Delivery.. We deliver unique print advertisements to your customers for just pennies on the dollar, with an average of 50% better response than traditional mail. The recognition of our big name partners will help your ads obtain maximum exposure in the areas you choose for an immediate boost in sales. We pride ourselves in delivering ads your customers actually see, at a cost you can afford.

Duran Ads Pizza Box Ads, Door Hangers/Flyers Distribution

Duran Ads prints and delivers pizza box ads via Domino's/Papa John's/Pizza Hut 

DuranAds also prints and delivers door hangers and flyers nationwiide

using GPS reports and photos fr verification

Vince Duran 949-742-9500
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Unique and creative marketing campaigns > 
pizza boxtopper ads and door hanger /flyer distribution across the USA since 2004

Why spend money on direct mail that's sent directly to the "junk" mailbox with all your competitors when you can use our pizza box top ads or door hangers to get them directly into the client's hands?

This will be the easiest marketing decision you will make today!

The best part: Duran door hangers are half the cost of direct mail with 50% better results, this is not rocket science.

Our pizza box topper ads are only $0.08 to $0.14 each, and they're all printed and delivered into your prospect's waiting hands - not lost among a pile of unwanted junk mail. You decide 50 to 60 cents for a post card vs 10 pizza box toppers - told you this was going to be easy.  Pizza Box Advertising works great to keep your name in front of them for 10 weeks.

Need we say more??? Place your pizza box ad today!

Need we say more??? Place your pizza box ad today!

Pizzas that are delivered get placed literally into the hands of the prospect because people are waiting to eat.  And they won't hesitate to call if it isn't   at their door right away. Can you say that about your current delivery method for your marketing materials? We think not!

We accept all major cards
via Blue Pay

Pizza Box Ads

DuranAds partners with national chains - Domino's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut - for our Pizza Box ads/pizza box topper campaigns. You share ad space and the cost is only $0.08 - $0.14 cents/ad.
For example, in a recent campaign we ran 400,000+ ads for MetroPCS with our national pizza partners in Denver, SLC,
El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley. These are free to pizza/pizzeria franchisees plus we pay them cash.

Imagine what we can do for you!
We are always looking for good pizzeria partners across the USA so contact us for info on our program.

If you own stores, please submit your info for consideration.

Door Hanging

We print 2 sided door hangers in combination with local hand car washes for distribution in your area for half the cost of traditional campaign methods. The car wash places your ad on rearview mirrors as the car comes through the wash, so no delivery costs ... only $0.15 per unit or less!

One side is for the car wash and the other side is for your ad. To see samples click link above.


Door Hangers

If you wish to conduct a more traditional flyer or door hanger campaign, we  can do that too. We can print and deliver/distribute these nationwide with reliable and verified results. And yes, we include printing and distribution, whether they are your flyers or door hangers or our door hangers.

We will provide GPS reports and photos of your hangers on the doors. Pricing varies, so call us for a quote. We provide proof youor hangers are delivered...


Providing unique marketing campaigns such as pizza box ads and door hanger campaigns across the USA since 2004