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1273 East La France Drive
Fresno, CA, 93720
United States


Smart Texting is quickly replacing emails as a means to gain more revenue. We can show you how to use this for less than $4/day

Pizza Box Advertising using our national partners Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's nationwide works great for 1/10th the cost of direct mail. 

Door Hanger Campaigns work great bypassing the crowed mailbox and posting your billboard on their front door for half the cost of direct mail and 50% better response. We print and deliver nationwide and provide GPS reports and photos for verification so you know they got delivered and not dumped in the trash. Call us today 949-742-9500 visit
Our Ideal Customer Edit
Any company that uses direct mail or other media but are unhappy with the costs and/or results. We offer non postal alternatives and digital marketing via Smart Texting.

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To paraphrase from a Fed Ex commercial.... When you absolutely, positively have to get there now... call us 949-742-9500
Do you need to get somewhere quickly, do you hate waiting at airports, do you want to impress your clients, do you need ground transportation waiting for you, do you... if you answered yes to any of these, you need to talk to us. We help you get it done when you need it without buying a $50m plane and a $1m car... Call us 949-742-9500 Vince 

If you tell us what you need, when and for how many people we can do the rest. 
Join our VIP club and we will text special offers and when we have an open leg that can save you money. 
What are you waiting for... get your bags packed and let's FLY... 949-742-9500 Vince