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Smart Texting is quickly replacing emails as a means to gain more revenue. We can show you how to use this for less than $4/day

Pizza Box Advertising using our national partners Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's nationwide works great for 1/10th the cost of direct mail. 

Door Hanger Campaigns work great bypassing the crowed mailbox and posting your billboard on their front door for half the cost of direct mail and 50% better response. We print and deliver nationwide and provide GPS reports and photos for verification so you know they got delivered and not dumped in the trash. Call us today 949-742-9500 visit
Our Ideal Customer Edit
Any company that uses direct mail or other media but are unhappy with the costs and/or results. We offer non postal alternatives and digital marketing via Smart Texting.

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Pizza Box Topper Ads

DuranAds #PizzBox #Advertising, #PizzaBox Ads, #PizzaBoxToppers:

Pizza Box Ads are delivered to the front door by #Domino's, #Papa John's and #Pizza Hut nationwide. We work with over 3300 national pizza chain stores across the USA.  
Sports and Pizza go together! 
NOW is the time to advertise on DuranAds pizza box toppers.

Pizza Eating StatisticsData

Pounds of pepperoni consumed every year from pizza  252 million pounds

Annual pizza sale revenue  $32 billion

Slices of pizza that are eaten each second 350 slices

Average number of slices of pieces of pizza eaten by a person every year 46 slices
Total number of pizza’s sold in the U.S. each year 3 billion
Percent of Americans who eat at least one piece of pizza per month 93 %


Pizza Box Top advertising also know as pizza box toppers or pizza box ads is very inexpensive branding.  

DuranAds has been doing pizza box topper advertising with national franchises like Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut since 2004, in fact we created this market per se. There are other imitators out there but we are the original and the best in the pizza advertising business.  We work with over 3300 national pizza chain stores nationwide. We try to avoid local pizzerias not because they aren't great but because their volume is usually too low perhaps only 500-1000 per month delivered while our franchisees average 5000/month.

Think about these facts:

  • 94% of the US population eats pizza.
  • Everyone loves pizza.
  • Usually there are several people waiting for the pizza delivery.
  • Your ad will be the center attraction on the box top on pizza day and your coupon may be posted on their refrigerator for days.
  • Each of your pizza box ads is “personally” handed over to your prospect's anxious and waiting hands. No other medium personally delivers to the customer, usually they go in the mail with all the other junk mail or out in the yard with all the other newspaper ads… in ugly black & white.

Comparison with Direct Mail and Newspaper ads:

  • DURAN Pizza Box Ads... No other competitors so you are a solo ad, they beat direct mail post cards hands down
  • Full color ads, not black and white.
  • Personal hand to hand delivery to the waiting hands of your prospects not the "junk mail box".
  • Lower costs than direct mail post cards - our ads costs 8-14 cents not 50-60 cents like a direct mail post card.
  • Longer Shelf life - Duran Pizza Box Topper ads go on the refrigerator for up to two weeks not discarded over the trash can when and if the direct mail gets delivered.
  • Target marketing is easy, just pick the pizza stores in your market area - each pizzeria delivers in a 3 mile radius.
  • No Postage, No Mailman, No Mailing List, No Bounced Mailings.
  • Co-op with a national brand name pizza franchisees, not a local mom and pop that only delivers as a courtesy.
  • 10,000 ads will be a 10 week campaign so chances are good your prospects will see the pizza topper ads more than once.