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Fresno, CA, 93720
United States


The Best in non traditional advertising by DuranaDS. Products include:

Pizza Box Advertising
Door Hanger Campaigns
Hi Tech Advertising Beacons
500,000 Advertising Specialty Items



Our products include non-traditional advertising items such as 
Virtual Advertising Beacons that reach your prospects when they surf the net. your ads appear on Instagram, Face Book, Twitter, Yahoo and over 2000 web sites. Drop a google pin using our app anywhere in the world. Set radius from 1/2 mile to 6 miles.

Pizza Box Ads – using 3500 stores nationwide – Domino’s, Pizza Huts and Papa John’s.  These are a very low cost means to reach 94% of the US Population. Pricing can be as low as 10 cents per ad. Geo targeting is easy as each store delivers within a radius of 3 mile.
Door Hangers we are a door hanger company that prints and distribute door hangers across the country, nationwide service.
Full GPS and Photo verification from our teams strategically placed across the country. Our programs make it affordable for any business to add them to any business plan

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on over 3500 nationwide Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Huts

Printed and delivered nationwide by professional crews, providing GPS reports and Photos
We print and deliver or just deliver your door hangers, fliers, brochures or samples

Dropping a pin lets someone locate you by using GPS coordinates instead of an address, and it can be a real game changer. With our Virtual Ad Beacons you can drop a pin anywhere in the world, it is easy using our app and the Virtual Ad Beacon will start broadcasting your ad immediately. When people surf sites such as Instagram, Face Book, Twitter, etc. you ad will display on their newsfeed 
Your ad will have photos, offer description and a link to your landing page.

Use our web link to access and research anything from T-Shirts to Coffee Mugs, Pens, over 500,000 items to print your logo on.

You can select a spot to broadcast your ad message from just by dropping a pin using our free app. Select the broadcast radius
ranging from 1000 meters ( 1/2 mile+ in plain English) to 10.000 meters (6.2 miles).

DIGITAL MARKETING GUARANTEE - We guarantee impression results as shown above or there is no cost to you.

Example = say your restaurant is located near a larger employer like the IRS or large office complex, just drop your pin and see your sales grow, It is just that simple. Call us for ideas to help your business and get details.

Pizza Box Ads work for a variety of business, why not yours? Call or email us for our free Media Kit.

Pizza Box Ads work for a variety of business, why not yours? Call or email us for our free Media Kit.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your marketing and promotional products needs. Whether you need help creating a marketing program for a special event or you need a mobile-friendly, e-commerce company store solution our expert staff is here to help. Details and pricing for 500,000 ad specialty products for your next promo or trade show.

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  • Door Hanger Delivery
  • Door Hangers
  • Distribution
  • Pizza Box Ads
  • DURAN Advertisng Beacons

Samples of different door hanger projects...
what can we do for you?

Unlimited Banner

Project for MetroPCS Shreveport also included door hangers. Pizza Box Advertising works for a fraction of the cost of direct mail. What can we do for you?

Unlimited Banner

Unique and creative marketing campaigns

door hanger /flyer distribution across the USA since 2004

Why spend money on direct mail that's sent directly to the "junk" mailbox with all your competitors when you can use our door hangers to get them directly into the client's hands?

This will be the easiest marketing decision you will make today!

Use the door hanger link above for more info.

The best part: Duran door hangers are half the cost of direct mail with 50% better results, this is not rocket science.

Door Hangers from Duran

Door Hanger Ads

If you wish to conduct a more traditional flyer or door hanger campaign, we can do that too. We can print and deliver/distribute these nationwide with reliable and verified results. And yes, we include printing and distribution, whether they are your flyers or door hangers or our door hangers.

We will provide GPS reports and photos of your hangers on the doors. Pricing varies, so call us for a quote. We provide proof your hangers are delivered... via GPS reports and photo verification.


Providing unique marketing campaigns such as door hanger campaigns across the USA since 2004