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The Best in non traditional advertising by DuranaDS. Products include:

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Benefits of Door Hangers

Door Hangers: 4 Tips to Help Boost Response Rates

Here are a few tips to help boost response rates to your doorknob-affixed advertising.

Research the demographics.

  • Those old G.I. Joe cartoons had it right: Knowing is half the battle.
  • Response is affected 40% the offer, 40% sending to right audience. and 20% by design.
  • A little research goes a long way in increasing the effectiveness of a door hanger campaign. 
  • Create a customer profile to identify your target audience, then use demographic information to determine which neighborhoods in your locale most likely need your services. Focus on those areas first to see the best returns. You wouldn’t try to sell lawn services in a community full of apartments and condos, for example.

Keep designs simple.

  • Remember that people quickly read — and discard — door hangers. Use bold colors and images, big headlines, and a simple, direct message. 
  • Don’t try to promote more than one major benefit per hanger. An appealing coupon, combined with potent copy and a strong call to action, helps to increase the odds of conversion success (and the likelihood that the reader will hold on to your flyer). Obviously, be sure to include your contact information prominently on the door hanger.

Track responses

Without a way to track responses, you won’t know where your door hangers were a hit — or where they tanked.

  • Forget setting up separate phone lines or hounding customers for their demographic information.
  • Use technology to help you identify where your leads come from: Remember that coupon you’re including on the door hanger?
  • Assign unique codes and website URLs to door hangers distributed in different neighborhoods. When people take advantage of your special offer, you’ll know immediately where they came from. 


  • Instead of doing 50,000 door hangers to cover a large area, do 50,000 but release 10,000 at a time to the SAME people.
  • When people see your ad multiple times they get "comfortable" with your company.
  • That is why you see the same ad on TV commercial time after time until ad nausea it burns into your mind.
  • That keeps your company "top of mind" when they need your product or service, they will remember you.


  • Why? Because we give you an honest chance to get your customers by providing GPS tracking reports that show where our people were every 
  • 60 seconds of your delivery. also a crumb trail showing this graphically PLUS photos of your hangers on doors.
  • Deliver Most Anywhere in the US

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