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1328 E La France Drive
Fresno, CA, 93720
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The Best in non traditional advertising by DuranaDS. Products include:

Pizza Box Advertising
Door Hanger Campaigns
Hi Tech Advertising Beacons
500,000 Advertising Specialty Items

Duran Advertising Beacons (proximity marketing)

 Powerful Targeted Advertising !!

The average person is said to check their phone notifications a whopping 75 to 100 times per day! In advertising, its all about delivering the right information at the right time. 
Duran Digital Advertising Beacon does just that, enticing the customer with your offer, directly to their Smartphone
and right at the point where they are closest to you. 
You may edit your notification as many times per day, week or month as you wish, instantly changing the broadcasted notification via our online platform. 

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To make this distance relative I have chosen a golf hole that is 400 yards.
Even if you golf every weekend, take lessons and have a good outing making par on every 400 yard par 4 is a daunting task.

Now that I have your attention and you can relate to a 400 yard distance I want to relate this to your business. What if you could reach potential customers within a 400 yard radius from your business? What would it be worth to you to send a sales message to their smartphones for just $1/day. This sales message could include  your logo plus images, video, audio,  web link and phone links plus a lot more. What would that do for your sales???

Our advertising beacons can make it happen for you!

The next time you are out on your favorite course and you come up to a 400 yard hole, imagine how many customers you could reach in the distance from the tee to the green. Now isn't that worth a dollar?

How can you afford NOT to do this? $1.33/day is absolutely nothing to an overall marketing budget. How much business do you need to bring in to offset $1.33 in a day... one $5 sale at 40% profit more than covers it. So again, how can you NOT TO DO THIS? We have businesses getting 100-500 hits per day.... this may be the best investment you ever made excluding your spouse of course! Vince 559-999-7888 
Contact us today as these will go fast, don't delay. 949-742-9500 #beacon #technologytrends #digitalmarketing #advertising #branding #pizza #restaurantmarketing #mobilemarketing #cellular

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 Powerful Targeted Advertising !

Think about this for a minute. You have worked for months to get your franchise or restaurant ready to open plus spent $***.*** 's to build it the way you want. Now you are ready to open but you need to let people know that all the construction is over and
Wouldn't it make sense to spend a few dollars to reach people with a message of your opening day offerings? You can do this in a 1/2 mile radius with our advertising beacon shown below for literally a few dollars a day....

Call us to find out more Vince Duran 949-742-9500 BTW > work for established locations too... #restaurantmarketing #franchisemarketing #advertising #digitalmarketing #beacons #grandopenings #new #pizza #burgers #chicken

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